Begin Again, Today.

I always think of each Season as a new beginning.

But the truth is:

each day is a new beginning.

When we open our eyes in the morning, a new day begins.

A new chance

A new opportunity for change

a new beginning for the rest of our lives.

What we do in that day can change the course of our life

or the course of someone else’s life.

So use the opportunity



Smile at everyone

Say Hello

Offer help in any way,

Hold a door,

Offer your seat to someone standing

Pay for someone else’s coffee


Give a homeless person some money

and don’t worry about what that person will do with it.

Not your problem.

You are to be kind- that is all.

No judgments necessary.

When you get into bed at night,

think of the ways in which you made a difference that day

I guarantee you, it will become a good habit.

And when enough of us are doing it,

We can change the world.

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