Celebrity Induced Stupidity


A while back someone asked me:

“If Kim and Kanye were drowning

and only you could save them,

what kind of sandwich would you make?”

It’s a bit harsh,

I know

but honestly I am so disgusted,

I actually laughed at it


Is it just me, or is everyone else bored

with our celebrity-obsessed culture?

I don’t care why Kim and Kanye named their kid Psalm.

I don’t care that J Lo and A Rod haven’t yet set a wedding date.

There are a lot of things I do care about.

None of them involve celebrities.


We have become a country of Magpies.

Show us something shiny and we go crazy.

We need to get some money together

and buy ourselves a little gravitas.


The entire BILLION dollar Kardashian empire began from a sex tape.

Kim’s youngest sister became at BILLIONAIRE at 22 because of a lip kit.

Kim Kardashian’s shape wear gets more attention than Global warming

The Twitter fight between the President, John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen

made the evening news!

made the national evening news!

God- I miss Walter Cronkite!


When did celebrities take the place of heroes, as our role models?

I’m not sure, but I do know

all this has made it possible to have a mediocre reality tv star

become a Terrible President.


I also think it’s significantly contributed to

the dumbing down of America.

We used to have celebrities entertaining the nation

and serious people running the nation.

Now it’s all one big reality show.


Smart doesn’t seem to be a “thing” anymore.

You don’t have to be smart as long as you are hip, tattooed

 have the newest iPhone and the right sneakers.

And by the way- Yeezy sneakers cost $479.00.




Speaking of I phones,

I was in a restaurant a few weeks ago,

and literally no on was talking to another person at the table.

They were all on their phones!

No one ever looks AT anything anymore.

They are connected every moment of everyday-

but to what?

How can you be that connected and

still be so ignorant of the real world?


Last week,I saw a photo of the Pope,

making his way through a crowd.

NO ONE was looking directly at the Pope.

They simply pointed their cellphone and took a photo and

actually missed SEEING the Pope.

That is just nuts.

When I met the Pope- I really SAW the Pope

because we didn’t have cell phones back them.


I’m glad I was raised in an era when we had one telephone in the house

and when you were out- you needed to find a pay phone.

Clearly, it didn’t kill us!

We played outside all day, making our own fun,

and we watched one program at night on TV and cartoons on Saturday mornings.

But that didn’t turn our brains to sludge.

Because there was balance in our lives.

I am sorry to say this- but based on what I have witnessed

there are a lot of people whose brains have turned to sludge;

over the past decade, especially.


Jay Leno used to do this interview on the street

asking  questions to COLLEGE STUDENTS.

Here I have compiled a small and deeply shocking sample of these questions and answers:

which I witnessed myself on You tube.

(otherwise I might not have believed it)


In which city is the Seattle Space Needle located……..

didn’t know

In what year did the war of 1812 start?………

didn’t know

What is the freezing point of water.

– 50 degrees celsius

What ship did the Pilgrims come over on…..

.The.Plymouth Rock

Who is the President of Russia (2007)….

Afat Arasat ( meaning Yassir Arafat)

How long ago did Jesus live……..

250 million years ago

What war was triggered by Germany’s invasion of Poland…..

the Cold War

Who were the Roughriders……

..Rapper DMX and his gang?

Showed a photo of the Acropolis in Greece….

student identified it as Caesars Palace or the Berlin Wall!



This is just a sample and it was 10 years ago.

Somehow,  I don’t think things have gotten any better.

An uneducated population is easily manipulated

and that is where we are now.

With cuts everywhere to education budgets it will only get worse

and people will be getting dumber

 (if that’s possible).

I worry that our country and our world are beyond saving;

but then I look around at all the beauty and the decency and the good

and I pray

that somehow we will find the strength and determination

to care about the things that really matter,

 do what we can to help change the things that must change,

and let the rest go.


I wish Kim and Kanye no ill will.

But I don’t think a steady diet of reality TV shows does

anything for the IQ of America.

Pick up a book, read a newspaper and

for the love of God-

put down the phone.

We need to talk to each other, listen to each other and help each other.

We need to care about the lives of people who need our help –

not our adoration.

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Induced Stupidity

  1. I completely agree with you, Jan! Lately, I’ve felt like the world has suddenly changed and I no longer know how to navigate the new one. There is a new “user’s manual” for this world and I haven’t received a copy…nor (from what I see and hear) do I really want one.

    One of the best decisions I have made to drown the “unwanted noise” is to delete my FB account. It has wonders to help regain my clarity, and I feel more focused and grounded.

    Please keep writing more blog posts like this one! It’s good to know I’m not the only one looking around and wondering what has happened to society and the world.



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