Let’s Snap out of it!

You know, I had a nice little thing going before this Pandemic came long.I am retired,  I was volunteering, I went to the gym , took walks with my friends, met for breakfast and in general, was enjoying my small corner of the world.

I felt I was doing some good, slowing down, learning to cherish life’s little gifts and appreciating the fact that I haven’t broken anything or needed surgery in the past year!

But as my Southern grandfather used to say:

” You never know what’s comin’ for ya.”

At my age, I’ve lived through a lot of crazy things- assassinations, sickness, death, wars, riots, racism, economic hardships, and just the general craziness you witness when you’ve spent over 70years on the planet. But honestly, I don’t think any of us have ever seen anything like this! A Global Pandemic that we could use as an opportunity to finally feel as though we are all in this together. A way to unite ourselves as citizens of the earth, recognizing that what we do is for the good of all of us, not just a few.

But are we taking that opportunity? Some of us are. But this country is so divided politically that even this is being used to tear us apart.

We are wasting all the suffering, pain, bravery and courage that so many of our citizens are showing at this time. They are putting their lives on the line for us. And we re-pay them by defying orders to isolate and take precautions- to stay in our cushy lodgings. Oh God no! That is just too awful!

Homes where we have plenty of food and every luxury that people in some countries can only dream about. And we are bitching! There is always a lesson to be learned from everything- good and bad. Let’s learn it. Let’s make the best of it. Our parents and grandparents lived through World Wars and years long depression. We’ve been asked to stay home for a few months. Really? That is the best we can do without rioting? Do I like it- NO. But am I going to do it- Hell, yes, I am! Because it is the right thing to do for everyone.

Let’s not blow it now. People in Wisconsin are partying in bars – no masks – no social distancing. Let’s see how long the merriment lasts when their death rates start climbing and everyone has to go back in quarantine for months. Let’s see how much that helps our economy. As my mother used to say: “You are just cutting off your nose to spite your face.”. Let’s not do that. I am not crazy about my nose- but I love my life and I dont want to endanger it or anyone else’s life.

So, let’s put on our grown-up pants and do what we need to do to help everyone get through this together. Let’s act responsibly for the common good. And for the love of God- don’t confuse your freedom with your responsibility as a member of society.


Finally, while you are at home, scrolling down on Facebook, why not use this opportunity to contribute to some organizations that are helping people who are not only facing this Pandemic, but live in war -torn countries where they have no homes, no food ,no freedom and their children are  being killed every day . Wanna get pissed off about something. Get pissed off about that!

Take a look at what is happening every where in the world and use that knowledge to do to some good. I feel better now.


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